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Mortgage RATES

Get these low mortgage rates while you still can! This cute little video explains mortgages, points and how a small increase in interest rates can dramatical…

11 Responses to “Mortgage RATES”

  1. I found this video this morning about the long term value of these
    favorable mortgage rates and enjoyed watching it. There’s a couple of great
    key facts here for those thinking of buying or refinancing need to know.

  2. Great information to share with buyers- it’s never to soon to work with the
    lender… Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for watching! We appreciate and value your comments!

  4. First time home buyers? 

  5. Great video for first time homebuyers! The first step is to meet with
    that lender now and find out the amount you will be preapproved for.
    Besides how much house you are qualified for, be sure and tell the lender
    what is the maximum amount you could afford for a house payment. That info
    will get you in your price range for a home to look for with your Realtor! 

  6. This makes it clear as a bell to all buyers. The more simple the
    explanation about what we take for granted helps everyone.

  7. Didn’t need to talk about buying down the rate. Poor use of money. I would
    eliminate this from the video.Also, Big Down Payments poor use of money
    with interest rates being as low as they are.

  8. You are right on Ron. The video did mention that bigger down payments were
    discouraged and buying points is silly with the rates so low, but we wanted
    to keep it in the video as part of the tutorial so first-timers learn the
    concepts. Thanks for the note.

  9. Can I share this video clip on my personal website?

  10. Yes, please do. All members are encouraged to share these videos on their
    website and your social media outlets.

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