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Mortgage Interest Rates

Overview of the main types of mortgages and rates More free lessons at:

25 Responses to “Mortgage Interest Rates”

  1. First

  2. you are so helpful! thank you!! :)

  3. interesting

  4. Khan, I love your work with mathematics and sciences, but I’m not sure if
    this is a great direction for you to go in. What audience are you expecting
    to watch a video about mortgage interest rates? Econ students? Because
    there doesn’t seem to be any economic influence on this video. But I love
    your work nonetheless, I just hope that you’re not overreaching here.

  5. geez would of liked it if you did this last week! lol just did my finance
    exam yesterday!!

  6. @KingOfShadows92 this video is a great help.. im a high school student and
    were doing finance in class!

  7. So the typical mortgage period in usa is 30 years? That’s crazy. But what
    is insane is that in Sweden many ppl only pay the interest.

  8. dear people banks are fucking with you big time.

  9. Keep up the good work, Sal! You’re on the right path. I certainly welcome
    that video

  10. p.s. when i have posted this link on the facebook it said: Message Failed
    This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as
    abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.

  11. $2000 is way higher that it would be.

  12. @Hokke88 What’s normal in your country?

  13. Im home-schooled,and Sal,You do better for me than a tutor,text-book,Or one
    of them stupid DVD’s that seem like they are for 6 year olds….It feels
    like he talking TO you and he knows what questions you have to ask,AND HE
    ANSWERS THEM…I never got an answer back from my textbook when I asked
    What does (that ?>>>?>?) Mean???? Thanks!

  14. Making money out of a fictitious item? Hmmmm that just seems stupid.

  15. Sal.. It would be of immense help if you do some videos in micro and macro

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  17. So lets take this into a real life scenario. Right now the US interest
    rates are at all time lows, and staying low, and because bonds do the
    inverse they are rising. Lets say in 3-5 years when people realize how much
    debt the US is in they decide to stop buying bonds and they start to
    decrease in value. Does this mean interest rates would naturally rise and
    put higher payments on houses with 5/1ARM potentially forcing more people
    into foreclosure that bought during this low interest period?

  18. Am i right the way i explained bonds have to decrease for interest rates to
    raise? or is it interest rates have to raise for bonds to decrease? And how
    is this a free market if the fed is able to announce interest rate prices?
    At what point does the fed not have control over true supply and demand?
    Please anyone answer i am trying to really get an understanding of this.

  19. never knew abot this

  20. Buying a house is more likely cheaper than renting.

  21. Mortgages are a form of slavery ….Best days , rough , no CCTV , just free
    ,,, poor but free , now days we have iPhones , new tech , is that really
    better I don’t know , we are all to busy paying our mortgages for life ,
    retire at 67, finally paddy your property onto your son who has to pay 70%
    inheritance tax . We work so others live ,,,,, years back we all lived ,,,
    we all saw one anoughter more often , now it’s all to fast . We are all
    being lubricated to get us through with plastic foods ,

  22. like the video on mortgages

  23. Mortgage is a tough one to master!

  24. Very good explanation on the fundamentals of borrowing and mortgages in

  25. thanks man.

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