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How to Get the Best Mortgage Interest Rate When you walk into a bank and you ask them to give you something. They’re giving you there products. Each bank has a different product. And these products change on a daily…

21 Responses to “How to Get the Best Mortgage Interest Rate”

  1. Hmm you seem to be a little snooty about the whole thing.

  2. do you only do mortgages in Canada? I am in NJ and you seem very helpful….

  3. @bobby321456able Thanks for watching! Unfortunately I am only able to be
    licensed in Canada. In fact, I think that each state in the US has it’s own
    licensing requirements fo you may have to specifically find a Mortgage
    Broker who works in NJ. Sorry I can’t help. Good luck in your Purchase!

  4. I didn’t see that? @leighdeeming

  5. She has a good point about buying your new home. What she means is do your
    home work first, ask! I hate bank lenders says you have a fair credit and
    your rate is this much. In order for you to make this affordable payments
    you must put down 3% or more depending on your credit history.

  6. Today i was talking to a colleague about mortgages. They said a fixed open
    mortgage would have prepayment charges if switched out. I thought open
    mortgages didn’t have prepayment charges. Is this true?

  7. @Purifiedinfire Fixed closed mortgages have penalties to get out of them.
    Open fixed mortgage do not but will probably have a $75 admin fee or
    something like that. You pay a higher rate for open mortgages which is why
    there are no penalties. Thanks for watching!

  8. @Purifiedinfire The part I forgot to mention is this co-worker is a branch
    manager. Must have been a long day for her, when I went to work she told me
    there were no fees.

  9. location always matters.

  10. don’t be so soft. shes just saying how it is. no sugar coating here.

  11. hit pause said you are really beautiful and subd your channel. and you look
    smart , lets see….

  12. Very informative, all the best in the Vancouver market.

  13. good info

  14. Thank you for the tips!

  15. Getting the best interest rate is always in the borrowers’ best interest.
    This is especially true when shopping for a mortgage as these are typically
    repaid over a long time.

  16. Great Video, very concise, intuitive and straight forward. Keep up the good

  17. I think this is a great video I am glad to see someone educating others

  18. My question is do you know anyone out here in Connecuit cause i be
    interested in a home

  19. Hello There,

    Me and my wife are planning to buy a new house. And i have couple of
    questions about mortgage. How may i put them to you? Email or? I hope you
    are the best person who can give honest suggestions.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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  21. if you would try a smarter job, the mortgage would be the last problem

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