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Calculate Your mortgage Interest Rate and Discover What The Bankers Are Not Telling You ! When is a mortgage loan of 3.75% really 67%? When it is your home loan! Real estate Broker, Sam …

25 Responses to “Calculate Your mortgage Interest Rate and Discover What The Bankers Are Not Telling You !”

  1. What is the Mathematically perfected Economy?

  2. we are screwed !!

  3. Well thank you very much for your video. Well now what do you suggest if
    someone wants to buy a home and obviously he or she has no money? It is a
    problem for everyone except the rich who can afford to buy real estate with
    the real value of the market. So do you have any possible solution to this
    problem? Thank you.

  4. Very clear. Thank you so much!

  5. take algebra, that’s how you figure out interest

  6. I found this video to be brilliant.

  7. A Simple Truth!!! Thank You For Paying Attention!

  8. It is funny what you exposed here. The first example and the second example
    are the same. what is the difference? it is just the time. if you can
    afford to pay more in a monthly payment you will be in the second example
    and you pay less interest rate because you stay in the mortgage for 15
    years only. If you dont have money like all americans you get to pay more
    interest rate. A rich does pay interests rate because he pays. So for me
    your video is useless since the bank is still taking money.

  9. Another important thing you want to mislead people. is it 3.75 interest
    rate now the same as 7% in 2007? now is better right? YEs and i tell you i
    am so lucky to buy my house cheaper than in 2007. So your video gives no
    helpful information. Since you are a professional real estate broker you
    have taken more than the bank without risk. All your life you got
    commissions from the whole loan. you dont take any risk. while the bank
    takes risks. So who is doing worse you or the bank? both of

  10. The result is that a lot of banks got bankrupt. how about you? have you
    been bankrupt by taking commissions without risk? You see. I would like
    that you give us hidden information since you are a professional. By
    business nature, you will never tell any secret about the banks or about
    you do as a professional in real estate. Why I affirm this because the only
    loser in the people especially if they can not afford to buy things. Banks.
    and credit cards are there for easy money. you are lucky.

  11. It’s not a question of buying your house cheaper! Although that is good.
    It’s a simple fact that the interest rate is a true deception. What goes
    out of your pocket and where it goes is all that is truthful and all that
    really matters! Very Simple!! Money is created out of thin air!! Excessive
    usury is being done in disguise! We have become a nation of Debt Slaves and
    very few people really understand this, sadly to say! Read the book- The
    Creature From Jekyl Island by G. Edward Griffen!

  12. Your website is just a bunch of links meant for advertisement. So there is
    no information in it. Please be honest. Your website is a spam. I am a
    webmaster. Thanks

  13. I do not have a web site right now. I did have. I will soon again have one
    again :) . The message is far more important than my website right now!!

  14. Hi Sam, thank you for posting this and sharing with us!

  15. Mr. Sam Assil, when you decide to start your own lending firm/bank what
    ever, and offer a 0% interest rate… I promise I will be your first
    borrower. Sure it sucks to pay interest on a home purchase. But in order
    for me to put my family in a nice wonderful home and live the American
    dream, looks like I will be borrowing the money from a lender. Unless you
    make a video with solutions then I believe your videos are doing more harm
    then good. I don’t care to be exposed to the harsh realities sir!

  16. But I still gave you a thumbs up… And I’m still waiting on that solution
    video??? Also, I just want you to know that I felt really good about my VA
    home loan guarantee, but then i saw your video and felt like shit! Still
    wondering why I gave you a thumbs up. Smart feller!

  17. good video, nobody ever looks at the ammortization chart. pay off as much
    as you can in the beginning of the loan. don’t make the extra payments
    towards the end. biggest mistake people ever make.

  18. good video!Made myself such an example with an excel sheet with formulas
    where I can play much easier with the numbers. But the conclusion is right
    HUGE DECEPTION! And often the contracts are made in such a nontransparent
    manner so that is is very difficult to have a overview of the hole
    financial package. Even bank employees are often monkeys that don’t
    understand entirely what financial package they are actually selling. When
    you ask more details they are calling for the bank manager :D . Thx for the

  19. Pay off your house loans asap. Dave Ramsey check him out. Great video thank

  20. You are an awesome man . Bless you . Thank god ,there are people that
    really care !

  21. $200,000 x 3.75% = 7,500, So do you expect to pay $7,500 spread over 30

  22. Great video, always pay your loan ASAP. 

  23. Good man.


  25. That was an exam problem when I was tested on this topic during my NC real
    estate exam license.
    Prior to that, I was required to learn how to build an Amortization Table
    Manually (using an HP12C) in my Corporate Finance class.That was when I had
    first knowledge that one of the biggest crooks in the world were bankers…
    No one wants to read or ask questions about what they are supposed to know…
    They bury their heads in the sand…
    Excellent illustration!

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